Welcome to Fall 2020

It is the first day of Autumn, in the middle of September and we continue to see the resiliency of the American people. We have seen the true heart of humanity by how we have endured and overcome the challenges forced upon us by the pandemic that has affected the entire world. We have seen everyday people step up and show that every one of us is essential.
The loss of life is tragic and heart breaking. We each need to do our part to help stop this pandemic by continuing to practice social distancing. Families that are sending loved ones back to school, make sure they are taught how to be safe. To our teachers we know the challenges and risks you are taking by opening your classrooms. We stand with you and thank you for all that you are doing. To all the essential works we salute you and thank you for your continued sacrifice.
As November 3rd draws closer, I want to encourage you to make sure you are registered to vote. If you are concerned about going out in public you can request an absentee ballot so that you ensure your voice is heard and counted. You can go to the following website to print a copy, https://sdsos.gov/.../AbsenteeBallotApplicationFillable.pdf, follow the instructions and make sure to mail it to the county election official at the following address; PO Box 6160, Rapid City, SD 57709-6160.
I will be going door to door, practicing social distancing, to meet you and to share with you why I am running for office. I look forward to getting to see you and hearing what you have to say. Together we can and will make a difference.
If you have not contributed to my campaign it is not to late. You can visit my website and donate that way. I will also need volunteers to help go door to door. If you would like a yard sign please let me know and I will bring you one.

Statement on the Death of George Floyd | June 2, 2020 | Rapid City, SD

The murder of George Floyd has had a worldwide impact and is putting a spotlight on a problem that has always existed in the United States. His death was not necessary and should never have happened. My heart breaks for his family and I cannot begin to imagine the pain they are feeling.
Our country is said to be, “The Land of Opportunity”, a place where you can live the “American Dream”. This is not true. I am a Mexican American Transgender Woman and I have had to fight all my life to get where I am today. Our country became the “Greatest Nation” because of Black people, Native Americans, Mexicans, and all the immigrants who came here. Their blood, sweat, tears and deaths made this country. They gave their lives because of a promise, an ideal, that they could have freedom and equality.
We need to acknowledge that there is a problem and WE need to work to fix it. No one should have privilege. If we feel that we should be entitled to something because of money, position, title, or whatever we will never fix the problem.
It is possible to have equality! I have seen it and experienced it personally. When I lived in Africa I was part of a project that initially was targeted in helping get young adults off the streets. The idea was to teach them a skill and give them an opportunity to provide for themselves and their families. What they had to overcome was the status of being an outcast, their skin color, their economic status, their tribal status, their gender status and having been taught to fight instead of love. No one believed that it could be done. The project was for three months. We had to tear down all those barriers and from day one we shared that everyone was equal. It was not easy but by the end of the three months it was amazing to see the love, acceptance and respect these young people had for each other. The ripple effect, that had not been anticipated, was the impact it had on the families and community.
I share that story to say equality is achievable. It will take hard work and it will take all of us working together to make it happen.
I stand with the peaceful protesters in insistence that Black Lives Matter.
Be safe. Stay strong. Care for one another.
- Toni Diamond

Press Release | May 7, 2020 | Rapid City, SD

Marine Veteran Toni Diamond announced her candidacy for South Dakota House of Representatives District 32. With a background in Military Service, Missions work, and now Healthcare, Diamond brings an intention of diversifying and being a voice for education, employment, the environment, the economy, and equality in South Dakota.

“Do I think I’m the best for the job? I think I will do my best in this job,” Diamond said, while thanking her supporters for the opportunity to have her name on the ballot in her historic run as the first transgender woman to run for state office in South Dakota.

A Certified Nurse Assistant, mother, and grandmother, Diamond is passionate about young people in South Dakota - creating opportunities for education and the economy, and the empowerment of voices to speak up for equality in the Black Hills and beyond.

“For years I have watched as lawmakers pass or attempt to pass legislation that reduces equity across the state, ignores marginalized people groups, and impairs the voice of dissent. I am ready for change,” Diamond said.

Diamond’s focus is on showing up, standing up, and speaking out for her neighbors, constituents, and community members across the state. Her involvement in continuing care for aging residents through her job at Westhills Village and continuing opportunities for younger residents through her service as a Board Member at Large for the Black Hills Center for Equality give her a balanced view of the many types of people who contribute to make South Dakota great. She looks forward to running a campaign in District 32, to meeting her district voters, and to making a difference in the state of South Dakota.

For further information, visit www.diamondforchange.com