The Issues....


 I am concerned when I drive around town and see empty store fronts. I question why they are empty and what can we do to help bring new business and help existing businesses. I want to work with business owners to see how we can make our city and state desirable locations for business. We also need to ensure pay for jobs competitive so people will want to work here.


We have aging schools that need upgrades, we have teachers that are not paid competitive wages and we need to develop effective legislation that we help both. We need to ensure those attending our schools are equipped to succeed and we need to be attracting the best teachers.


“...The state of being equal, especially in status, rights and opportunity”. We need to do whatever it takes to ensure that everyone who lives here has equal status, rights or opportunity.


Our state is has so many wonderful natural resources. We need to ensure that they are protected. At the same time we need to look at ways we can use them to their fullest potential. We should be looking at solar, wind and things that will create business and independence.

"I don't know if I am the best... but I will do my best for South Dakota."

Toni Diamond