My name is Toni Diamond and I believe South Dakota is ready for a compassionate voice of change.

It's time for change

Hello, my name is Toni Diamond and I am running for the South Dakota State House of Representatives

Why am I running? I am one who believes that if you want to see change you have to get involved and you need to come with ideas to make change happen.

Why vote for me? The simple answer is that I will fight for and legislate for things that will benefit the people of South Dakota.

I have worked hard to get where I am today. I know that anything worth anything takes hard work. I believe in truth, honor, commitment and transparency.

As a former Marine, one of the biggest lessons I have learned in life is that I can do anything if I put my heart and mind into it, but I have learned that I can do infinitely more if I work with others. I want to see all our government working together to better the lives of all.

Help me make South Dakota better for families, small business, teachers, healthcare workers, Veterans, Native Americans, and those who do not have a voice.